Ghost ?

Four months ago, I was looking for an easy CMS to start this blog and I backed the Ghost project on Kickstarter. As they say on their page, Ghost is an open source blogging platform which makes writing pleasurable and publishing simple.
Here we are 4 months later, testing a 0.3 version which already looks stunning !

Why have I backed this project ?

I will make it quick. At the very beginning, during the logo creation process for Arborisoft, the sentence below was part of the logo :

Make innovation our energy

I love innovation. As much as I personnaly love computing science, development, creation, design, Internet, and everything about new technologies.
That's why I love Kickstarter too. Thousands of people, believing in one idea, one project, helping this project to become a reality.
This part of the Internet is for me something I really love.

What will be on this blog ?

Well for now, this blog will mainly be about sharing IT knowledge and developments. That's my job and if you can find something usefull over here I will be happy about that. Later, we will see what will happen...

Enjoy your stay.